Interns and Volunteers

First Name Last Name Position Home Country Project
Timothy Dennis Volunteer United States Planning for & Designing GENI Server/IT
Natalie Hisdahl The Health Costs of Coal-Sourced Electricity in Southeast Asia
Jake Knighton Intern United States Plan San Diego
Hendrix (Zhe) Lin Intern United States 100% Renewable in China
Aya Chafey Intern 100% Renewable San Diego
David Lopez Volunteer United States WRSC site
Rebecca Aviles Intern United States Global San Diego
Shiva Ayalasomayajula Volunteer IT Infrastructure Design
Megan Young Volunteer United States GIS
Flavio deAngelis Intern Italy Licensing agreement
Gopal Mahadevan Volunteer United States GIS
Catherine Cesera Volunteer United States Marketing and Social Media
Homa Naeimi Volunteer Spain 100% Renewables San Diego
Miguel Artola Intern Spain 100% Renewables in Spain
Liz Paz Volunteer United States Marketing and Social Media
Norma Diaz Intern United States Office assistant, graphics
Jenna Valkas Intern United States Resilient cities
Farhan Beigh Intern India Value of Smart Grids in India
Ian Green Volunteer United States GENI Model
Taylor Wagner Intern United States Resilient cities
Priscilla Surita Intern Brazil
Chunyan Qiu Intern Marketing and Social Media
Lauren Hanratty Volunteer Australia SEO, Social Media
Paul Woo Hoogenstyn Volunteer United States Marketing and Social Media
Emma Sullivan Intern Plan B, GIS
Bradley Konz Volunteer United States IT
Aashish Rathi Intern India Plan B, Project tracking
Koki Kikukawa Intern Japan Sea of Japan Energy Grid & It's Benefits
Stacey Petrashek Intern GIS in Egypt
Elena Pascual Intern United States Plan B, GIS mapping (Phillipines)
Terri Steele Volunteer United States Member/sponsor marketing and public relations
Raj Jere Volunteer India GIS Library DBA
Brittany Fischer Volunteer United States Plan San Diego
Sarah Gonzales Intern SIM Center Licensing Agreement
Natalia Drannik Volunteer Ukraine Ukrainian Renewable Energy Policy
Jashawn Stewart Volunteer United States Grant writer
Priyanka Patel Intern India Interconnect of S. Asia grid w/emphasis renew energy.
Garrison Shi Intern China Marketing GENI in China
Sharon (Xuan) Shao Intern China B2B and B2C Simulation Game
Peggy Hannigan Volunteer United States IT
Charles Adebayo Intern Nigeria Nigerian Trans. Network Upgrade
Swetha Ramesh Volunteer Drupal
Luke Batcher Intern United States Best Practices of 100% Renewable Cities
David (Yu) Fu Intern China Drupal
Paula Chojnacki Volunteer United States GIS
Ariel Ky Volunteer United States Global San Diego Support Administration
Dipti Joshi Intern India Plan B
Shaoming Liu Intern GENI Model Decision Tree Project
Tu Lan Intern Plan B, GIS
Bahar Mohimani Intern Plan B, 100% Renewable Energy Policy
Nivedita Desai Volunteer India Village Projects coder
Valerie Blumberg Intern Australia Plan B, GIS